where ballerina dreams take flight

It’s in the imagination of every twirling little dancer that they are a prima ballerina, doing their best work without every having been taught a step!  That imagination is where we start growing not only a dance education, but a true love of dance through indulging all that is frilly,

fun and beautiful all the while building confident strong 

young dancers in their toddler  and early childhood 

years.Bella Ballerina’s recreational dance program offers 

students and parents a way to explore the world of 

dance without the pressure and stress of a traditional 

setting.  We’ll guide you every step of the way through 

an enjoyable experience in seeing your child grow in, 

what may be, their first extracurricular activity!  You can 

take part in every moment as you watch the class, and be 

right there to share in all the wonderful moments and accomplishments as they are learning.All of our studios are run

by the most carefully chosen teachers and administrative staff to ensure that your family is taken care of – because dancing at Bella Ballerina means you are a part of our family.

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